What Are the Most Common Goods Transported by Sea?

Sea freight plays an essential role in the transportation of goods across the world. Poland, with its strategic location on the Baltic Sea coast, also utilises this mode of transport, contributing to the development of harbours and boosting the marine sector. This article looks closely at this issue, analysing which items are most commonly transported by sea, both to and from Poland.

Fuels and resources for energy sector

One of the primary commodities transported by sea are fuels and energy resources, such as oil, natural gas or coal. The transportation of these goods is vital for the functioning of economies across the world, and Poland is no exception here. Crude oil and natural gas account for a considerable portion of imported fuel and energy resources. They are delivered by specialist tankers or gas carriers. When it comes to coal, the situation is somewhat different. Poland exports coal, but its significance in the overall trade balance is constantly declining.

It is also noteworthy that Poland imports specific food commodities, such as exotic fruits or vegetables.

Metals and mineral resources

Metals and mineral resources are another commodity extensively transported by sea. Poland imports many metals, such as aluminium, copper or zinc, which are utilised by various industries. In addition, mineral resources such as phosphate and potash are essential for the operation of Polish chemical industry. These products are primarily transported by bulk carriers.

Machinery and equipment

Finally, sea transport is also used to transport machinery and equipment necessary for the operation of Polish industry. Poland imports many highly advanced machines and equipment from countries such as Germany, Japan, and the United States. Given the cargo’s heavy weight or size, sea transport can often be the only feasible alternative.