Our history

Although our history begins in 2006, the roots of the company founder’s experience in the industry go back much deeper. Krzysztof Trześniewski left the Frans Maas group after it was taken over by DFDS to pursue a new project. It was to be based on a close-knit and trustworthy team, which is equally important in sailing - one of DIERA founder's life passions. The choice of the name referring to a type of ancient ship, is thus not accidental.

In the beginning, the company's main branch was established in Warsaw along with a customs office. However, in order to ‘be in full sail’ and reach its current position, DIERA had to travel quite some distance. Given the objectives we had set and our strong commitment to achieving them, it was not difficult to get more valuable people engaged. At the end of the first year of operation, our company already employed 31 people.

As more ‘havens’ emerged, more people with similar life values joined the ‘journey’. It is impossible not to mention the year 2007, when real collaboration with the WACO System network began. Our company expanded by opening branch offices in Podbeskidzie (Bielsko-Biała), Białystok, and Błonie, as well as by adding air freight to our portfolio of services.


It wasn't long until DIERA ‘headed into deep waters’. A competent team of employees pursuing their duties with passion began to earn us numerous regular honours and awards, which we continue to receive today in various industry contests.

Over time, our workforce continued to grow and borders ceased to matter. In 2009, DIERA branch office was launched in the Czech town of Příbor. In Poland, constant expansion continued: Myslenice joined shortly after, and the next milestone was 2022, when DEX Intermodal Sp. z o.o. was established in Gdynia, Szczecin, and Wroclaw.

Despite all our accomplishments, in pursuit of our goals, we never forget what is most important.

DIERA's success is driven by a team of more than 100 people. They come from various backgrounds, often with very different interests. We care about a positive working environment and about one another, and we are ready to show our respect for others beyond our internal structures.

This can be demonstrated by numerous customers who have put their trust in us.

DIERA is committed to sustainability. In 2023, we were once again awarded the silver medal by EcoVadis, a reputable and prestigious rating agency with expertise in the area. To learn more about this, please view the 'Green Zone' section.

Green Zone