Air Freight Services

Our freight forwarding company in Warsaw offers air freight services. Our best professionals, with years of expertise in the industry, will help you choose the best forwarding options, which may involve combining multiple modes of transport, such as air and sea freight. We guarantee a unique approach to every request for air shipments.


Advantages of Air Freight

Airfreight is the fastest transport of goods that is also exceptionally safe, efficient, and well-organized. Its primary advantage is the ability to deliver shipments from distant locations, such as between continents, in a relatively short time. This is great for transporting temperature- and time-sensitive products such as seasonal goods (fruit, spices, etc.) or medications. This type of transportation is also utilized for express shipments or shipments of valuable and exclusive products (such as motor vehicles or jewellery). Air freight is also ideal for live animals. Reduced transit time, lack of temperature variance, and air-conditioned facilities are unquestionably the most desirable circumstances for long-distance transportation.


Types of Air Cargo

The organisation of international air shipments varies depending on the nature and type of cargo. We secure each shipment and choose the most suitable mode of transport. We always recommend solution that best fits your needs. Our company specializes in air freight forwarding, including, but not limited to shipments of documents, standard and large-sized cargo and items that require specific conditions (for example, extra damage protection or the use of dry ice to ensure the products' proper temperature). We provide both dedicated and multimodal transport, which combines several routes for the delivery of shipments. We offer comprehensive cargo handling, including time-sensitive or non-standard goods.

Coordination of Air Transport from Warsaw

Our air transport office is located at Warsaw's Cargo Terminal, near the Customs Office. We offer a comprehensive range of import and export freight forwarding services. We provide door-to-door transportation, customs clearance (including fiscal clearance in Germany), cargo insurance, and warehousing services. With our air transport services you will save time and money. Our business network and experience allow us to manage air shipments to and from the Far East, the United States, and Australia.

Air Transport – An Ideal Solution for Business

Recently, there has been a noteworthy increase in the number of entrepreneurs wishing to create business networks and collaborate with overseas companies in a proactive way. Therefore, the best option is taking advantage of air freight. It is more economically efficient than other modes of transport. This is facilitated by lower investment costs of the necessary transportation links, as well as less financial outlays to manufacture and operate aviation equipment. The price of air freight forwarding is seemingly higher. However, given the fast-shipping time, safety and hardly ever occurring damage to cargo, the costs of air transport can be recouped surprisingly quickly. Therefore, companies using air transport can grow much faster and more efficiently.

Not Only Air Fright

When transit time of your cargo is not critical, you may take advantage of more than just air freight. We recommend combined sea-air or rail-air transportation options. This can reduce freight costs by around 30%. The transit time is roughly 10-18 days. We provide specialist transportation services, such as the carriage of dangerous goods (DGR) and temperature-controlled cargo. We are a cargo agent of all major airlines; thus, we can handle international forwarding from Warsaw and other airports to all continents.

WACO System

We are the WACO System's sole partner in Poland.


  • a global network of air and sea freight management companies with 126 members in 115 countries, with more than 400 locations
  • established in 1973, it is one of the oldest networks connecting freight forwarding companies across the world.
  • cooperates with leading freight professionals, distinguished by quality of service and financial stability,
  • partners are carefully selected through a rigorous audit to ensure no weak links.
  • global reach, high quality, and personalized services provided by leading freight forwarders.

Our primary strengths are competitive freight rates and professional air shipment management.