Customs Agency in Warsaw

As a customs agency in Warsaw, we adhere to the full scope of the EU Customs Code. Our offices are located in Błonie, near Warsaw, and at the Warsaw Cargo Airport Terminal. Our customs
offices provide the following services:

  • Customs clearance for imports and exports, as well as transit (T1, T2L, T2) across the entire country.
  • Customs clearance for natural persons, including displaced property.
  • Issuing Eur.1 documents, Certificates of Origin, and ATR.
  • Obtaining Sanitary Certificates and Trade Quality Control
  • Preparing and lodging appeals on behalf clients against decisions of Customs and other authorities,
  • Issuing INTRASTAT declarations.

We specialise in the transhipment of goods in transit (necessary to handle formalities related to 'post-Brexit' shipments). The operation of a customs warehouse allows us to carry out repair procedures for goods that have not been approved for distribution by the Customs Office.


A tight-knit group of professionals

With over 10 years of expertise, we have long maintained a close-knit team of professionals.

A sense of security and mutual trust enables development of long-lasting collaboration models, while long-standing acquaintance brings people together and fosters positive interactions with clients.

Customs offices effectively guide clients through the complexities of the newly implemented PDR, ICS, and several other new legislative developments.

The satisfaction of our clients, whom we have been serving continuously for many years, motivates us to act and explore innovative customs and logistics solutions together.