Road transport in Poland and Europe

Apart from sea and air freight forwarding, DIERA's primary business is a wide range of road transportation services, both domestically and internationally.

Our offices, which specialise in road deliveries, have a network of terminals that covers all of Poland and the Czech Republic. Our branch locations provide full assistance and professional transport services:

  • Błonie near Warsaw,
  • Bialystok,
  • Bielsko-Biała,
  • Myślenice,
  • Warsaw,
  • Ostrava/Pribor (Czech Republic).

We provide comprehensive domestic and international road transport services across a wide spectrum of cargo quantities and sizes. We ensure high-quality road transport, with on-time deliveries and competitive rates, as showcased by yearly industry awards received from independent market research. We also specialise in efficient coordination of rail, sea, and air transport, which is naturally complemented by our road operations across Europe.

Domestic Road Transport

Thanks to our experience and portfolio of subcontractors, domestic road transport provided by DIERA has become an important spot on the map of Poland, with more and more satisfied clients joining us every day. Road transport continues to play a vital role in the country's economic development, and our reliable shipment of commodities assures seamless operations for all DIERA’s clients. We deliver door-to-door and develop cost-effective supply chains for clients in accordance with the law, while respecting the environment and social responsibility.

We always customize our offers to meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients. We also provide combined transport, which ensures transit of goods from a seaport or airport to a specific destination. We take care of each customer's needs individually, ranging from complex logistics projects for large worldwide organisations, domestic deliveries for small and medium-sized enterprises, to full consultancy on the development and physical movement of goods for one-person businesses.

International Road Transport

Nearly every day we are involved in coordination of international road transport - groupage, less than truck load (LTL), partial truck load and full truck load (FTL) transport - in all European directions. We have a carefully selected network of business partners that allows us to monitor shipments at every stage of international transport across Europe. Our capabilities are constantly expanding as
a result of long-term partnerships with a wide range of carriers. We provide our clients with means of transport ranging in capacity from 1.2 to 24 tons. We also specialize in carriage of dangerous goods (ADR) and provide complete fleet service for ferry crossings throughout Europe.

We handle:

  • international partial truck load and groupage (LTL) transport,
  • international full truck load (FTL) services using a wide a wide range of fleet size and capacity,
  • domestic full truckload and partial load transports using a wide range of fleet size and capacity,
  • consolidation/deconsolidation of cargo and distribution services to/from all European countries,
  • partial truck load and groupage (LTL) transport to the so-called „Middle East”,
  • direct partnership with ViaConex ™ – Safety and Security Declarations (SSD) on export from the European Union,
  • ferry crossing service throughout Europe,
  • customized solutions for freight forwarding and supply chains, both domestic and international,
  • carriage of ADR dangerous goods,
  • express shipments,
  • oversized shipments,
  • customs clearance,
  • CARGO insurance.

Our clients are provided with a dedicated account manager who is in charge of managing their orders. Our transportation and forwarding services are in line with current regulations and the highest quality standards in the European Union.