Logistics services – DIERA branch in Błonie

The DIERA branch located in Błonie near Warsaw is responsible for logistics services. The scope of our activity includes the provision of a wide range of logistics and warehousing services, including storage of goods, manual and pallet handling, as well as packaging and labeling of goods. We have a temporary storage warehouse and a customs warehouse. We provide services as a customs agency. For detailed information, please contact us by phone or e-mail. All the necessary contact details can be found below.


Panattoni Park Błonie II
PL 05-870 Błonie
Pass Stefana Batorego 4 Str.
Tel.: +48 (22) 436 94 06,
Faks: +48 (22) 436 94 01

Jan Niedziński

specialization: customs brokerage
phone: +48 (22) 436 94 05
email: jan.niedzinski@diera.pl

The scope of services offered:

  • warehouse logistics: storage, manual and pallet handling, packaging, labeling, preparation of promotional packages
  • domestic road transport
  • customs agency
  • temporary storage warehouse
  • customs warehouse
  • Cargo insurance

Domestic forwarding
and international
DIERA in Warsaw

A wide range of domestic and international forwarding services is provided by the DIERA branch from Warsaw.
At the request of our clients, we organize international full-truck and part-load transports, and we also deal with groupage transport. We offer regular groupage connections with most European countries.

As an experienced forwarding company, we organize and support dedicated transport and logistics projects as well as manage the supply chain.

DIERA., 03-828 Warszawa,
Mińska 63 A
Faks: +48 (22) 6706 903